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Socialcated meetup with Shaun Ayala

Socialcated Meetup® Groups


Are you in the Los Angeles County Area?

Join Shaun Ayala and Socialcated as they host FREE Meetup® groups that educating entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to effectively use Social Media.

I understand the importance of person to person interaction. Yes, I believe social media and the internet can connect us faster and better – but there is something special and unique about being around others who are like minded, who are passionate about learning and understand that the networking piece is a valuable component in building meaningful relationships. – Shaun

These meetup sessions are interactive, fun, educational and packed with actionable to-dos so you can walk away fully understanding why it is important to set aside a minimum 20min a day to interact, and build your social media presence. Each meetup is a maximum of 1 hour, once a month. Would you like to learn more? Contact us here about our next meetup group.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


A Tweet from a live Meetup Session:
@JadeShyu sharing her learnings during a live meetup session.


A review from a live Conference Session:
Jennifer Nelson shares her perspective of Shaun Ayala and the Socialcated podcast.


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