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About Socialcated

Socialcated is a 3 days a week business podcast, each in just 5 minutes. Hosted by Shaun Ayala who provides the latest trends in social media with 1 topic, 1 tip, 1 why and 1 actionable to do – so each day you’re getting  educated  about social media and becoming one step closer to being Socialcated.

Welcome to Socialcated – the podcast for Entrepreneurs, Sidepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Small Business owners who are EXTREMELY limited with time and who are managing their own social media platforms but understand the importance and the positive impact social media will have for their business. This is the podcast that will educate you on current social media trends, and help you use your social media platforms more effectively.

Socialcated is all about inspiring YOU, educating YOU, and empowering YOU to grow your online presence effectively by providing you with ACTIONABLE to-dos to check off your to-do list today!

About Shaun

Shaun is a husband and a father to two. Second, Shaun has been in the Marketing & Advertising Industry for well over 10 years. Ten of those years and counting has been with Best Buy currently leading a team on various creative online/print projects to grow a subsidiary company from what was a 14 location, family owned company, to now a 100 plus location national brand.  He finds himself constantly developing unique business ideas, internally and personally, that fuels his passion in entrepreneurship. Shaun started his first online business ( in a time where MySpace was THE platform and he has been excited about the possibilities of Social Media ever since. Shaun is passionate about sharing his  experience and knowledge with other entrepreneurs and small business owners, in hopes to help them achieve their aspirations and goals for their businesses.

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